I am Vanessa Münstermann.

I am Vanessa Münstermann.
I am disfigured.
With my club, we want to help others disfigured.
And I want to, that help us.

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Here I am

My name is Vanessa Münstermann.

I am 1989 was born, led as a child and young people a normal life, with the exception of my diabetes type 1. I have the advanced high-school diploma, am a trained beautician and have worked in the gas station my parents. 2015 I do a man running across the road, Daniel. He is my destiny, I thought. He was also.

It was strange with the time. Aggressive, then again whiny as a kid. Finally, I broke up with him. In February 2016 he has been lying to me early in the morning and poured sulfuric me in the face.

Twelve days artificial coma. morphine. operations. An ear off, an eye. My face, my hands and my décolleté are covered with scars. And that will remain so. I have decided, to keep the scars. I will not hide.

Daniel tried, to destroy me. But he self-destructs. And I liked the way, I had to go, shown, where my strengths lie.

Countless people have helped me and have thought of me and were there for me, for which I am eternally grateful. Now I want to help other people. And think about it. And be there for them.

We are there for you.

Her it can not believe it. your child, Your parents, Your relatives or friends are injured, versehrt, disfigured. By a crime or an accident. And it feels, as if just the whole future is kaputtgegangen.

Is anyone with you? Someone, says, what's happening now in hospital? Someone, does not throw with medical terms around? Someone, the time has? listening?

We are there. Call us. Write an email. If it somehow, we come.

We know, what it is. We have seen it all. shock, Arriving, OPs, Pain.

We are at your side.

Together – We want to be visible.

The distortion does, what the word expresses: They changed our position in the world.

It does not matter, whether we by an acid attack, a fire, an accident or are born disfigured - we are drawn.

We are different. We are unique. We are honored.

We have been violated. The scars remain. But we will not break it.

And for that we must be visible. Go outside. show us the world.

we jointly or - Every Man for Himself. Who needs our support, can count on us.

Ich will mich nicht verstecken

I will not hide!

In paperback and Ebook

We need them

excellent e. V. is an association of disfigured for Disfigured. We help disfigured people and their families. Word and deed, with listening, with our network of therapists and other supporters.

The costly scar cream. The cosmetic procedure, which is not covered by health insurance. The stay for the soul in a nice place, the torment to forget a few days. Travel to the people, need us. And much more.

All this is not possible without your financial aid. We look forward to a small amount, someone privately for us donates as well as a generous donation, perhaps can make a company or a community.

all this helps, so we can help. Thank you so much!

donations: Sparkasse Hannover

WERE GOING: DE69 2505 0180 0910 3625 80 · Sold: SPKHDE2HXXX

Your donation is tax deductible. Of course, each donor will receive upon request a receipt. For this we need your name and address.