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  It is so wonderful to report that I will mother. It's a girl, the estimated date of birth is the 8.6. and I am pleased with my partner so much on the great fortune. Even I never thought that I can be so happy after such a terrible fate. This is the proof, dass […]

Our meeting 2017

Thank you to our members who are committed, even with such a serious subject, it had been a very happy and successful meeting. It gave me made it very fun about our past, Present and talk about the future for excellent and to Discuss. I hope that this year we 2018 bei unserer nächsten Mitgliederversammlung […]

Why must compression make no fun ?

I have to belong tired of the standard and even less I would like to squeeze me every day in my compression underwear that I find scary ugly. Natürlich sagte ich das meinen lieben Unterstützern bei John+Bamberg und sie hatten eine ganz tolle Idee, sie ließen mich kreativ werden und sagten wir komponieren mal ein paar […]

” The new eye”

Now it's just 1 month ago , that eye was completely white . Pain I have no more but the wound on his butt hurts a lot. I no longer have to drop every hour the load, now and then I have to take Cornaregel because my glands to lubricate the eye are etched. […]

Eye surgery No.. 2

It was shortly scheduled a second surgery today. My eyes only 70 % is supplied with vessels they want to sew a precaution even oral mucosa over the eye. This is taken from the lower lip. a 13 Pm it starts and takes about 1- 1,5 std . I'm curious about the result in a […]

The operation is over

The operation is over, I woke up with no pain. My unbearable headaches by shrinking the eye were gone immediately. My face half plus my head were Stunned, that 5 Hours after surgery. Today is 01.06.17 a day after the operation and it just feels like I have a grain of sand in the eye. I […]

The eye surgery / Dermis Fett

  It is built out of my butt a fat seal and sewn in my eye. Here, the doctors try my fat the eye-fed with vessels. If that is not enough to remove even the oral mucosa in the mouth and put me in the eye. My eye socket is completely etched and scarred making it difficult […]