Claim 20x Returns with These 3 Altcoins in 2023!

• Avalanche’s cryptocurrency AVAX is up 100% since the start of 2023 and is currently trading at $21 per token.
• Investors should consider investing in AVAX if they think the continued recovery in the cryptocurrency market’s appetite for risk has legs.
• Crypto presales such as Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) might offer 20x gains if a new bull market is here.

Avalanche Price Skyrocketing

AVAX, the cryptocurrency that powers Avalanche’s layer-1 blockchain protocol, has seen tremendous growth since January of this year and is currently trading around $21 per token. This marks a near 100% increase from its end-of-year price just below $11, showing that traders have been betting on a more favorable macro environment for crypto assets in 2023. If AVAX can break above resistance near $21.80 it could push back towards highs near $30 seen last August – an additional 45% rally from current levels.

Investing in AVAX

If investors believe that appetite for risk in the crypto market will continue to rise, then they may want to consider investing in AVAX as it could offer significant upside potential if it reaches prior all-time highs – offering 5-6x returns from current levels.

Crypto Presales: 20x Gains?

In addition to Avalanche, investors may be able to achieve even more impressive gains of up to 20x by investing in crypto presales. One example worth looking into is Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), which is developing an innovative mobile web3 gaming ecosystem with fun and addictive games utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform plans on releasing its first game Meta Karts Racers later this year and says goodbye to just playing for profit and hello to having fun while earning rewards.

Risk Appetite Growing?

The broader uptick in crypto market risk appetite has been boosting Bitcoin and Ethereum prices by 35-40% this year so far, with many expecting inflationary pressures to ease later on allowing the US Federal Reserve to loosen monetary policy further down the line – resulting in greater investor confidence across financial markets including cryptocurrencies.


Avax’s surge shows that there are profits to be made betting on increased appetite for risk across financial markets this year – whether through direct investments or via presales such as MEMAG offering potentially even higher returns if things go well over the coming months and years!