The shooting was something very special for me. This time my face is not a priority but my gut. I would never have dreamed about two years ago, can I now am the mother of a beautiful daughter. At the beginning of the assassination thoughts were in the room as : who could only love me so? Will I ever be back with someone Intimate? and yet 1000 further questions raced through my head. I want to have to use consciousness to show you these intimate images to something loud and clear without saying many words.


It is always worthwhile to continue fighting even if you do not know what to do in some situations. I'm not the best example, that something terrible from what can be great? I'm not the best for Beweiss , that even if one does not know at that time what you there Fight a bright spot is? Am I not the one must never let it get the best Beweiss for?

I wanted to take Daniel that tomorrow's life and what is now ?? Now growing new life in me zoom.

I am so incredibly grateful.

Evil must not fight evil with you!

( Photos were taken by great photographers Uli Schuster )