Articles of association

(simplifying regulations and tax provisions necessary)

§ 1 Name, Seat, financial year

§ 1 No.. 1 The association is named Excellent. It shall be registered in the register and then performs the addition "e.V.";

§ 1 No.. 2 The association is based in 30827 Garbsen

§ 1 No.. 3 The association is politically, racially and religiously neutral.

§ 1 No.. 4 The fiscal year of the association is the calendar year 2017.

§ 1 No.. 5 The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable and non-profit purposes i.S.d. Section "tax purposes beneficiaries" of the Tax Code.

§ 2 Purpose of the association

§ 2 No.. 1 For the purpose of the association promoting help for Zivillbeschädigte and disabled, as well as assistance to victims of crime and the promotion is of charitable purposes in the sense § 53 the a.o.

The purpose is achieved by:

  • to obtain information and educating the public about the consequences for victims and their current situation to a sustainable improvement of the situation of victims and to allow integration into society
  • Strengthening the rights of affected people in the public
  • Promoting prevention
  • To ensure transmission of data subject to other counseling and care facilities to "first aid" for these people.
  • Personal attention of the members and of the person concerned during the coma / inpatient intensive time
  • financial support (when a need exists within the meaning of Article 53 No. 2 the a.o) for products / tools such as e.g cream , Compression is not supported by the box office and are still necessary
  • Financial support for operations like e.g. hair transplant (when a need exists within the meaning of Article 53 No. 2 the a.o) ,Reconstruction of the eyelashes or eyebrows
  • Support in the Medical Meeting Appointments
  • intervened personal care at Great Operations

§ 2 No.. 2 The Association is active; does not pursue its own economic purposes.

§ 2 No.. 3 Association funds may only be used for statutory purposes.

About the allocation of funds decided by the Board. The members receive no funding from the association.

§ 2 No.. 4 No person from expenditures, are foreign to the purpose of the corporation or favored by disproportionally. possibly.

§ 2 No.. 5 People Volunteering active are only entitled to refund of expenses.

§ 3 Acquisition of membership

Member of the Association may be any natural or legal person. About the accommodation contract finally decided by the Executive Board.

§ 4 Termination of Membership

Membership ends

a) with the death of the member,
b) voluntary withdrawal,
c) by deleting from the membership list,
d) by exclusion from the association.

The voluntary withdrawal is made via written declaration to a member of the board. He is only allowed at the end of a calendar year by giving three months' notice.

A member may, if it has grossly violated the association's interests, be excluded by decision of the General Assembly of the Association.

Before a ruling is to give the member opportunity, to justify himself personally. A possible written statement of the person concerned is to be read in the General Assembly.

§ 5 Membership fees

Of the members 20 levied euros in contributions. The maturity of which are determined by the General Assembly.

§ 6 Bodies of the Association

a) the Board
b) the General Assembly

§ 7 The Board

The Board i.S.d. § 26 BGB consists of

a) the 1. Chairman: Vanessa Münstermann
b) the 2. Deputy Chairman: Yagmur Cemen
c) the secretary: Silvia Ristig
d) the treasurer: Arzu Dffari Naini

The association is judicially and extrajudicially represented jointly by two members of the board. The union of several board offices in one person is not permitted.

§ 8 Term of office of the Board

The Board is of the General Assembly for a period of two years, from the day of the election, chosen. However, it remains until the election of the board in office. If a member of the Board of during the term of office, then the Board will elect a substitute (from the ranks of the members) for the remainder of the term of the retiring.

§ 9 Resolution of the Board

The Board shall take decisions in general in board meetings, the ones from 1. Chairman or by writing 2.Stellvertretenden Chairman, be convened by telephone or telegraph. In any case, a notice period of three days must. A notification of the agenda is not required. The Board has a quorum, if at least two members, including the 1 Chairman or 2. vice-chairman, are present.

When taking decisions, the majority of the valid votes cast. In a tie vote, the head of the board meeting decides.

The board meeting passes the 1. chairman, in its absence the 2. chairman. The decisions of the Board are as evidence to be documented and signed by the chairperson.

A board resolution can be passed in writing or by telephone, if all members declare their approval of the regulation to be adopted.

§10 The General Assembly

In the General Assembly, each member present - also an honorary member - one vote. The General Assembly is responsible for the following matters:

a) Acceptance of the annual report of the Board; Discharge of the Board.

b) Fixing the amount and due date of the annual fee.

c) Election and dismissal of members of the board.

d) Resolution on the amendment of the Articles of Association and the dissolution of the association.

e) Appointment of honorary members.

§ 11 The convening of the General Assembly

At least once a year, possible in the last quarter, to be held the Annual General Meeting. It is convened by the Board, subject to a period of two weeks by written notice stating the agenda. The period begins with the sending of the invitation following business day.

The invitation letter is considered the member received, if it is sent to the last by the member in writing known address.

The agenda is the Board determined.

§12 The resolutions of the General Assembly

The General Assembly is the 1. Chairman, in his absence by 2. directed Deputy Chairman or another board member. Is not a board member present, the Assembly determined a conductor.

The log is kept by the secretary. Is not present, the meeting determines a secretary.

The type of voting is determined by the chairperson.

The election must be made in writing, if one third of those present at the vote voting members so requests.

The general meeting is not public.

The chairman may permit guests.

On the admission of the press, radio and television decides the General Assembly.

Each duly convened General Assembly is independent of the number of members present a quorum.

The General Assembly takes all decisions in general, by a simple majority of the valid votes; Therefore, abstentions are not considered. Amending the Articles of Association (including the association's purpose) However, a majority of three quarters of the valid votes, the dissolution of the association of such a four-fifths required.

The following applies to the elections: In the first ballot, no candidate reaches a majority of the valid votes cast, is a runoff between the candidates rather than, who have attained the two highest numbers of votes. The decisions of the General Assembly Minutes shall be, the assembly on the respective conductor and the clerk is to sign.

It should contain the following findings:

Place and time of the meeting, the person of the assembly director and the recording clerk, the number of members, the agenda, the individual election results and the method of voting. In amendments the determination to be changed is indicated.

Section 13 Subsequent to the agenda

Each member can request in writing at least one week prior to the date of the general meeting to the Board, that further matters be subsequently placed on the agenda. The chairman has to complete at the beginning of the meeting, the agenda accordingly. On requests for additions to the agenda, that may be made in the General Assembly, decides the General Assembly. To accept the proposal a majority of three votes Fourth Elder is the valid required. amendments, the dissolution of the association and the election and dismissal of board members can only be decided, if the applications have been announced to members with the agenda.

§14 Extraordinary general meetings

The Board may at any time convene an extraordinary general meeting. Which must be convened, if the interest of the association requires or if the meeting is requested by one tenth of all members in writing, stating the purpose and reasons to the Board.

For the extraordinary general meeting, the Sections 10 apply, 11, 12, and 13 accordingly.

§15 Dissolution of the association and seizure authorization

§15 No.. 1 The dissolution of the association can only be decided in a general meeting with the arrangements in §12 majority. Unless the General Assembly decides otherwise, are the 1. Chairman and 2. Chairman jointly authorized liquidators.

The above rules apply in the case, that the association is dissolved for another reason or loses its legal capacity.

§15 No.. 2 Upon dissolution of the association or loss of tax-privileged

Purposes the assets falls to the Weisser Ring E.V to be used exclusively and directly for non-profit / charitable has.

The statute was established at the inaugural meeting.

club number: 59/17

Hannover to, 01.02.2017

On incorporation:

1.Vorsitzdender: Vanessa Münstermann, 2.Vorsitzdender:Yagmur Cemen, Secretary Silvia Ristig, treasurer:Arezu Djafari, Martin Münstermann, Marina Barth, Detlef Ristig