Our meeting 2017

Thank you to our members who are committed, even with such a serious subject, it had been a very happy and successful meeting. It gave me made it very fun about our past, Present and talk about the future for excellent and to Discuss. I hope that this year we 2018 grow at our next meeting and get great solutions and proposals again.

There was coffee,Tea and a nice breakfast . Thank TB – Sticks Sport Gastro for donating tasting and the use of the premises for our meeting.

What we do with your donations?

included in the package ; Alhydran 250ml , Whey bath 500g , kelofobrase creams 25 ml, Flyer

What we do with your donations?

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The packages are individually adapted to each affected, each package is individual asked everyone to the need together.


press conference

Together we can help

The eye surgery / Dermis Fett


It is built out of my butt a fat seal and sewn in my eye. Here, the doctors try my fat the eye-fed with vessels. If that is not enough to remove even the oral mucosa in the mouth and put me in the eye. My eye socket is completely etched and scarred making it difficult later to use a prosthetic. I asked what happens if my eye does not tolerate shell by the scar tissue ? Well then it remains empty . I think anything is better than 24 Hr to endure this pain. And now is a time where I just anything can wish bad my ex Daniel Flory.


The morning before op


Yesterday the preliminary took place , it was unbearable , they had considered the eye does not prof to surgery as well as the doctor. James Merit has in mind from the USA. Frau Prof Besch asked me what I did for expectations would have to doctors. Is it me, this is the pain or the appearance . I started out on mega crying because I had such a fear of being sent away . That can promise me anything, but they make the Op . I have extreme pain just as they of course the eye had to watch now and again my eye pressure is not right. Maybe even a good thing then calls me again to mind the surgery is absolutely necessary. I am currently very tired and exhausted, the excitement, Fear and pain make me totally exhausted . today the 31.5.2017 one 13 AM is the OP stated.


Wish me good luck



Kölner Treff

I got to know many nice people and prominent, as Matze Knop and Eva Padberg. Most of all, but I was of Mrs. Dagmar Koller, it is a musical star of world renown. Her husband even affected by burns my ordeal knows too well and was very concerned about my fate. More elegance can not radiate a lady, I am absolutely entranced by her beauty. I was warmly received backstage and I could not believe is that just Eva Padberg the fear and excitement took me because they like a big sister took care of me,. I never thought this is a super model so warm and down to earth. The show has been so much fun as Matze Knop, I still know from my childhood as "Super Richi" , so much sentiment about . Behind the scenes I was collected lovingly by all and the concern they to me was celebrated sage for my soul. I stayed last night awake because I got so many lovely mail from people I was quite upset. I am so incredibly grateful that you exist, You strengthen me so immensely. And one makes me so very happy, that did not notice her, I was so excited that I had already full pants 😊 . Was shaking all over and knows her so if your have a cold sweat , disgusting . Back at the hotel, it took less than two minutes, I'm asleep.

– Kölner Treff , the broadcast –

The group

Matze Knop

the preliminary

been totally excited before the broadcast and calms me down with a cup of tea. (YES even when the weather can drink tea 😉 )

The eye surgery / withdrawal

Today is 18.05.1017 , The day is fast approaching . My eye surgery will take place on 31.05.17 in Tübingen instead. The load is large, because I'm afraid of the pain that comes and from myself. The question is clear I make an own only one eye? It is again a huge transformation, again I move away further from the old Vanessa gave it one. I feel like I'm a transformation to go through. As I would actively choose to no longer look like earlier. But I still remains no choice. I need this transformation so go take, whether I like it or not. I am glad that it finally starts and the pain I must endure every day, disappears. I met a young man, he has only one eye. He wears a prosthesis and one really sees it that it is not wrong . But you do not always tolerant to others than to himself? I found him, he removed the eye to show it to me, prettier than with eye. I hope I like myself as well as time, I decided to put a black dish in my eye. I will always look bizarre. Of course, again the fear because whether another man can accept me so. The fears are always there once again a big change is pending.

Cologne taken – WDR 26.05.17 one 22:00 Clock



Am 23.05.17 is it going to Cologne, I was invited to the Cologne meeting on the WDR. I am very excited that I will learn many interesting and famous people know and meet. Matze Knop I still know from my childhood with his song "Super Richi" . Eva Padberg is also there , I'm so excited. Am 26.05.17 It airs at 22:00 -23:30 Clock on the station WDR.



I'm already announced on the website.

Cologne taken – WDR- Website

RTL Explosiv

A report on RTL explosives

Pictures of the sample makeup with MAC

After applying the concealer


And the finished result after the foundation number 20 and 30

Have the Mac products tested

Today I tested the Mac products of concealer is the hammer, I have only a few difficulties when applying. Did for you a video 😊


Die Closer

Today I'm seeing in the Closer 🙂

Hier für euch das Interview


Mac cosmetics

I have a package today MAC get with lovely lines and products which I am glad gigantically. For you I've added the video. The result as I so look follows the day.


Easter fire 2017

It was a beautiful day…. In the morning, the structure, evening the beautiful music, the familiar faces and the nice conversations. I got a sweet girl with a genetic defect know learn, it has the gene 21 too much. But the most formative of the evening was an elderly man in an electric wheelchair. He stood in the middle of the entrance hall, directed his gaze to the wall , waiting as if at any moment the long-awaited bus coming. I spoke to him and asked on what he is waiting and if I could help him. He described to me his situation. He had to go to the bathroom but he would not go, because he sits in a wheelchair and now not bag has. I did not at first what he wants to tell me. He continued, saying he had already completed the remedy in which he would have made in a mug. I was totally overwhelmed with the situation, In one hand I was still holding the hot potato that I had freshly prepared for outdoors. I asked him to wait briefly, because I'd taken away only fast food that and help him immediately. I stood near him, he pulled a cup out of his pants, that he also noticed unfortunately broke down. The cup was almost empty. Shameful he looked up at me and said one glass would have been better, I scurried quickly to the toilet with the cup and to still bring towels so that it can become dry. When I stood before him, he said, dass es nichts nütze er müsse eh gleich nach Hause, es ist alles nass. Mir Blutet das Herz, denn diese unangenehme Situation, diese Hilflosigkeit und der Scham. Er rollte bedrückt raus. In den Moment bat ich Gott mir den Preis zu nenne um diesen Mann von seinem Leid erlösen zu dürfen. Ihn einfach wieder gehen lassen zu können, Ihm einfach die Selbstständigkeit zurück zu geben die jeder Mensch haben sollte. Ich würde jeden Preis Zahlen. Diese Demut sollte keiner tragen müssen. Als ich dann noch erfuhr, dass er eine schwierige op vor sich noch hat und diese vielleicht nicht überstehen wird ist grausam. Mir wird klar wie gut es uns doch allen geht. Wir fragen uns warum es uns treffen musste mit unserem Schicksal? Doch gibt es da draußen Menschen denen die selbstverständlichsten Sachen wie, auf die Toilette gehen, selbstständig sich anziehen oder sogar gehen, nicht mehr können. Lasst uns Dankbar für die Sachen sein die wir haben und das sind die einfachsten Sachen z.b ohne Beschwerden aufzuwachen.


IMG_7366 <<< kleines video vom Osterfeuer

My story translated into English

Best possible I translated my story into the English thanks to the internet since I get many inquiries that do not speak my language. But this should not be an obstacle for us.



. Vanessa Münstermann is not hiding, although she has been marked by an acid attack of scars. “Two Face” has recently been tattooed in her décolleté. “I can handle my psyche better if I split my face in half,” says the 28-year-old. “I do not see my face as one.” She recently watched a “Batman” movie, the villain “Two-Face” reminded her of her own appearance.

A year ago, the ex-boyfriend overcame the beautician in Hanover with acid. Her left face was a single flesh wound when Vanessa Münstermann, after waking from an artificial coma, was photographed in the hospital bed for local newspapers. This was to be understood as a message: I do not hide, you can not get me small.

In the division, the 33-year-old Daniel F. poured his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Münstermann acidity in the face. One year after the attack in Hanover, the victim wants to found a club to encourage people with a similar destiny.

To the picture gallery

Since then, she has been operated more than 20 times. How does it manage everyday life one year after the act? Can she work, does she have ideas for the future?

Meeting with Vanessa in an office day in the center of Hanover. Here she is currently planning a future project: with a new club she wants to help people with similar fate. The name “Excellent” stands for her high-flying idea: Even if she is drawn for her life after the attack of the ex-partner, she wants to reverse the disfiguring scars into the positive.

The young woman with gray-colored hair looks lively, full of energy. She wears a small ring in her nose and an earring. Her second ear was almost etched. The left eye is cloudy, the lid hangs down. The acid had flowed over the face, leaving scorched scars and redness up to the upper body.

Vanessa remembers exactly the act

Often victims have a film rupture after an accident or a crime like this – this is also a psychological protection mechanism. Vanessa, on the other hand, can remember all the details.

It was Monday, February 15, around 5.30 pm, in Hanover-Leinhausen: Like every morning the young woman leaves the house early with her dog, the Beagle lady Kylie. The routine knows her ex-boyfriend Daniel, who lurks in the dark. In his jacket pocket he holds a glass-filled industrial pipe cleaner, a so-called pipe grenade, ready to hand. The safety instructions on the packaging are clear, and warn against serious skin and eye damage.

An acid attack by her ex-boyfriend has corroded the left face of Vanessa M. from Leinhausen. After three weeks, the 27-year-old is shown to the public.

The attack comes completely unexpectedly for the young woman, everything goes very fast. “He came out of the bushes, I had no chance to run away,” remembers Vanessa. “I have an injunction against you,” she lies to expel the ex-boyfriend. But then the sulfuric acid kills her already in the face. A woman hears her screams, hastens to help. “Do not touch me,” she calls instinctively, spitting out the acid. She faints in the hospital car.

After waking from a twelfth coma, Vanessa is initially denied the mirror. In the discs of the intensive care unit she still sees her own picture. Her thought when she first saw her? “Oh shit!”, More not. The drugs with which it is pumped full, relieve the pain and dampen the feelings. The ear is missing, one eye is almost completely destroyed, the mouth hanging obliquely. The shocking photo from the hospital with the bloody crusted face is still on their Facebook page.

Perpetrators often want to block the future of women

According to the opinion of the women’s rights organization “Land of Women”, such an acid assassination is a rarity in Germany. It is more likely in Bangladesh and India, says Speaker Birte Rohles. The assassinations were committed mainly by rejected men. “The perpetrators want to draw the women’s lives all their lives, block them with a future, and they often want to prevent women from entering into a new relationship.”

And how does Vanessa think about the offender? “He’s a beautiful man,” says the 28-year-old over Daniel F. “If I leave out the look, I would have had to see much sooner that is totally crazy.”

He had been convicted of violence and drug use. But after the learning in a chat forum in the summer of 2015, the couple first introduced a “picture book relationship”. Vanessa, for example, described her as a subcrime in the court case against the attacker. Both were adoptive children who joined the two.

But soon there were struggles and tensions. He found them jealous and controlled. She threw him flirtation with other women. The situation escalated. He terrorized her by telephone, insulted her about social media. She showed him to the police on 14 February 2016 for stalking and violence.

Officials looked for him for a so-called danger speech. “They wanted to take revenge,” said the judge on the motive of the inconceivable act the day after the policeman’s visit to the ex-boyfriend. On 25 August, the 33-year-old was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for dangerous acid bodily harm.

Fear of the dismissal of the perpetrator

Since the attack Vanessa had to do dozens of interventions and treatments. As far as her life, she will suffer physically and mentally. And she is afraid of her life, should she ever meet her tormentor again. “I feel horrified when he comes out of prison,” she says. “My biggest wish is that he does not get any more to me.” Such a sense of threat can overthrow a victim into deep depression. Vanessa, however, has always been a fighter. It does not retreat like other people with a disfigured face – whether due to illness, accident or crime.

Vanessa wants neither to be restricted by pain nor by negative reactions. That is why she chose the anniversary of the attack in order to start her association “Excellent”. To make it clear that she wants to go fast. She would like to help victims in similar situations in the intensive care unit. For people who are disfigured from birth, she also wants to be the contact person and encourage her to deal offensively with her fate. According to the self-help association Cicatrix, some 700,000 people suffer a burn in Germany per year, including victims of electricity and acid. About 18,000 of them have to be treated in the hospital, 3000 in a burn injured center.

Brandopfer often hide

Many injured people are retreating first, says the president of Cicatrix, Eva Aumann. “One feels as if one is the only one affected.” Petra Krause-Wloch, the chairman of the Federal Association for Fire Violations, also says: “Our society tolerates only very different people.” Many people, as they say, are hiding after such an injury. For example, they walk only in the dark.

Vanessa Münstermann’s message is against it: “Look, speak to me!” For the photo date, she has chosen lipstick lipstick and the scars covered with theatermaker. The young woman shines from the inside. The laughter of a group of about ten-year-old boys on the bus she has experienced is an exception. Younger men went up to them and made their compliments. “I would not have thought that I would look like this again after a year,” says the 28-year-old.

But there were still days, she just wanted to pull the blanket back over her head. She reluctantly remembers the twelve days in artificial coma because of the nightmares, which was the worst time in her life. When she woke up in the intensive care unit at the fire brigade center of the Hannover Medical School, her best friends sat by her bed. The circle of supporters “We love Vanessa” had established itself. Other burn victims had to be cleared almost alone, according to Vanessa’s impression in the clinic. She wants to help you.

Most of the fire injuries had accidents in the household, among them only a few victims of violence. Overall, more than 104,000 women in Germany in 2015 were victims of partner violence, with often lifelong consequences for body and soul, says the term “Land of Women”.

The sacrifice of protection must improve, demands expert Rohles. “Often, the police can only act if something has already happened.” In the case of a massive threat, however, it would have to be possible, as in a witness protection program, to submerge under a new identity, if perpetrators could not be deterred by contact locks and space references. In Baden-Wurttemberg, such a model program exists.

“I am economically worthless”

Before the attack Vanessa Münstermann worked as an employee in the gas station of her stepfather and her mother. At the moment, she still lives on sick pay and deals with pension insurance

“Of course the existence is there,” she says. “I am economically worthless.” For twelve years she would probably still have to undergo surgery again. At the moment, she has massive problems with the almost completely destroyed eye: she only sees about 15 percent, the eyelashes grow inside. And the perpetrator, does he show repentance? In the process, this was hardly the case; he presented himself as a victim, the judge attested to him in the grounds of the verdict great self-pity.

“I do not want to revision, in other countries I would have received the death penalty,” said F. in the courtroom. Later he asked the judge by letter for a higher sentence, wanted 15 years behind bars. Soon after, his defender Max Marc Malpricht filed a substantiated revision request. As in similar cases, the sentence should be a maximum of eight to nine years, the lawyer said. The Federal Court of Justice has not yet ruled on the revision.

The perpetrator writes letters from prison

Daniel F. is in prison in Hanover. “He writes me letters, because of him he still loves me,” says Vanessa. “He does not write the letters in the sense, I’m sorry I did this to you, but as if we had a car accident.” “We have to go through it now.” The lawyer says that he does not know anything about the letters. Vanessa’s greatest wish is that her ex-boyfriend forgets her. Particularly before operations, whose anesthetics are badly tolerated, hate feelings arose in her. “I’m sitting in my room and I think he’s got a lattice, but I can not just rock and say I’m going shopping now, he’s locked me up – and if it’s only in my own skin.”

In the hospital, Vanessa plagued the fear of never again killing a man to die alone. But then, in rehab, she met a young man, and further flirts followed. “Of course, I can also experience violence in the relationship, but if I were to limit myself, Daniel would have done what he wanted,” says the 28-year-old.

At the moment the club is her baby. But in five years she would like to go back with her parents, who after the attack gave her the top floor of the house. “Maybe a partner who accepts me as I am, maybe starting a family, as difficult as that sounds with me – that would be nice!”

Visiting Misfit

Today I met Del Keen, a very nice, self-confident man whom i have the greatest respect for. The attitude he takes towards life is just as cool as himself.

Today we took the photos for the card index, this was also closely followed by my camera team for documenting people. My photos appear in approx. 3 Weeks on his website MisFit Models. I am number 1028.

His hangover Elvis was completely cool, gymnastics around. I tried to speak English with Del and did my best, but I never knew English .

For you the pictures of the day;




MisFit Model

I read an interview of Del Keens, he is a very special man, not a nice as he claims. He is like me, otherwise! The low written lines were very formative for me, as it assert itself in life had to make no use of his appeal. He has legally, beautiful people have it easier, mostly because people think the beauty coupled with the success. Subconsciously we think that an attractive person simultaneously Successful and intelligent, let this I have stayed in many different reports.

The Formative sets of Keen were :


Do you hate beautiful people sometimes for, that they so easily have made it in life?

But they have it but only in superficial things easier! As you go through life, has more to do with your self-confidence as so, the way you look. I myself had no problems with my appearance, rather authoritatively. [laughs] I was always very confident. Even as a teenager I had less complex than others, because I had to learn early, to draw my confidence from other things.


According to these records, I realized, he's right! Now all I want to know Him, this includes, I want a MisFit (OUTSIDER MODEL ) become! I want to show the world that be any different is not bad. We are different, We are particularly, we are honored!

I applied and hoped that I'm ugly enough for them, that's me. The next day was a mail in the mailbox and I was invited to introduce myself. tomorrow at 8 AM it comes to Berlin, To be included in the index. a 15 Am I allowed the agency to introduce myself, I am very excited.


Pictures will follow tomorrow afternoon course.