What we do with your donations?

included in the package ; Alhydran 250ml , Whey bath 500g , kelofobrase creams 25 ml, Flyer

What we do with your donations?

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The packages are individually adapted to each affected, each package is individual asked everyone to the need together.


away from the chemistry

The first time you're relying on creams such as panthenol, they conveyed me to keep it smooth at the very beginning to the scars. Later in rehab I got a special enriched cream that I have to this day in the refrigerator. Which is durable usually only a month and promotes skin regeneration, which is enriched in pharmacies and costs about. 50€ for 500g.Für the next six months I have only used the cream, the truly wonderful cause. The skin is lighter and softer. A greasy film was to protect always there. I was finally back 12 Week rehabilitation began with my family at home and the everyday. I decided to slowly but surely to come away from the prescribed by doctors Cream, and try with other "natural" products, as far as it goes. I'm a beautician, the care and the associated feeling to do my new face something good and to feel good again, For me quality of life.


I tried me Aloe Vera. A very refreshing feeling for skin and hair. I have applied it in the bath like a mask and leave, for hair I have mixed it with my hair treatment. Unfortunately, this moisture for the affected side is not enough because the skin has to learn again prop. Lipid to produce. As a refreshment for hot days and smoldering feet it's perfect.

As a tonic I chose "Thermal water“, this I have also used earlier. Very refreshing.

The Tonic "melon extract" from my favorite brand " ST. Barth“.

The products are not very cheap and have a low shelf life, but here's really no chemical in it. Always prefer to get a smaller amount and keep them not spoil in the refrigerator so. My face care is an avocado oil, which is very easy on the skin and lasts all day without following creams. not at all suitable as a make-up base.

I want next time for the midsummer sun milk with LSP 50 try out.

As intensive care and also to a change, I have before yesterday cold-pressed coconut bought. This is very firm in the can, in contact with water it is Oily. it does not wash off this but leaves the oil film on it, it has a Einwirk time of ca. 10 min and feels velvety soft to. Has a slightly refatting advantage of the feeling of tension increases. Unfortunately not tried, but I can imagine that it can serve well as a make-up base.

I add powder added in my bathtub whey, and change currently with my Cocusnuss oil from. Especially for my loss put the leg very pleasant.

For intensive care in the hair treatment with pure mixed I think it's good.

Perhaps now is a little unusual but I had noticed that I was still very inflamed than the skin even had toothpaste on my skin Aggressive and burned.

I have found one that was very pleasant and did not react with the skin. Dentagard but only the Green .

I would be glad if you give me in the comments or via e-mail, tell your experiences with the same products or other products would 🙂